Welcome To Nexgen - Know More About Us

NEXGEN Solutions, LLC is a technology consulting firm specializing in software based solution development, hosting, and support. We have more than a decade of IT development and integration expertise and we support small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. If you have an idea that involves software development, we want to help you transform that idea into a tangible product offering.

Our clients recognize that to be competitive in today's marketplace they must come up with innovative ideas, convert those ideas into products, integrate those products with existing or re-engineered business processes, host those products in a secure and reliable location, provide exceptional customer support, and evolve their product over time so the content remains fresh and the features remain competitive. We offer comprehensive web services that support the entire product life-cycle.

Whether you simply need a responsive web site for your business or a complex multi-tier e-commerce application and mobile companion product that integrates with a legacy system on the back-end, we can help you create the digital strategy that's right for you.

Diverse Supplier

Successful large businesses recognize a strategic advantage through supplier diversity.

Rhythm Dribble

Revolutionary new approach to building better Basketball players.