We specialize in development of software, most often windows applications, web applications, web sites, portals, and mobile applications to be accessed by computers, smart devices, and sometimes third party software. We work closely with the customer to flush out and document all of the functional, performance, and security/compliance requirements for the new software, optimize existing business processes in preparation for the new software, and develop an end-to-end digital strategy for rollout and production support of the new product. Then we offer hosting, support and maintenance services to manage the operation and evolution of the software over time.

Today's economy has created demand for new and creative service delivery models. We have a "make it happen" attitude and our engagement models are flexible to ensure a win-win relationship. Service engagements usually fall into one of the four categories below:


We assign a team to conduct a detailed requirements analysis (as described in our process ) and document the functional requirements for the product. Then either on a fixed price or time and materials basis we will use our own resources and facilities to create and deliver the product(s).


Depending on the product and target market, we will develop, host, maintain and/or support the product for a substantially reduced fixed fee and an interest in future revenues generated by the product, equity, or a hybrid combination. Then over time our interest and/or involvement can be scaled back as the customer begins to generate revenues and secure investments.


The customer needs a product developed for internal use, which other companies might also be interested in using. The customer is not interested in selling the product to other companies, but doesn't care if we do. We will "co-develop" the product at a substantially reduced rate and at the end of engagement customer gets a perpetual world-wide royalty free license to the product. We get a new product we can sell to other companies and we can use customer as a reference account.


In an outsourcing engagement we assign a team of dedicated resources to a customer account, usually on a time and materials basis, and these resources focus exclusively on exceeding the customers product development or customer support requirements while providing weekly time cards and status reports as if they were customers employee.