Mobile Apps

Plan & Define

Our goal is to become your strategic partner in defining a clear, tactical and affordable approach for your applications entire life cycle. A great mobile app requires a great plan. On the front end you need well defined requirements. The architecture and design are of course critical to the apps success. However, equally important is understanding what your maintenance, continuous improvement, and end user support costs might be once your app is ready for production distribution. We will work through the details with you so you understand theproducts total cost of ownership.

Design & Develop

Once we have a plan, our engineers will provide wireframes and mockups as the first step in the design to ensure we have a user interface and navigational experience (front end) that makes using your app an enjoyable experience. In parallel, we begin coding the back-end of your application and we promote frequent communication to ensure expectations are properly managed.

Maintain & Support

Once we deliver your app (and its code) and it's approved by the Apple and Google Play stores, we will work with you to put an affordable maintenance, continuous improvement, and customer support strategy in place. This will ensure as new releases of iOS and Android operating system become available, your app is updated to ensure its continued operation. A continuous improvement strategy is important because customers get bored, competitors are watching, and the market is constantly moving. Finally, you want users of your app to have access to timely and responsive answers to questions because once they lose interest they may not come back