Secure Cloud Hosting

The decision you make about your hosting infrastructure can determine the success or failure of your product. You don’t compromise when it comes to your business, why should you expect any less from your hosting partner. You need a secure cloud hosted infrastructure that offers the reliability, agility, and security necessary to maximize your customers experience while at the same time reducing your risk. We reduce your risk by putting security and compliance first, because we believe that businesses worth building are worth protecting.

With NEXGEN as your hosting partner, you have:

  • 99.98% Uptime
  • Engineers monitoring your infrastructure 24x7
  • Support Available 24x7 via Ticket, Phone or Chat
  • Backup Snapshots with 14 Day Retention
  • Availability and Application Monitoring
  • Redundant Web Application Protection
  • Layered Network Security
  • VMware Hardened Hypervisor
  • Unlimited Firewall Zones
  • Malware Protection
  • 1 – 8 Processors
  • 1GB to 8GB Memory
  • 30 GB to 1TB SATA Storage
  • Multiple IP Addresses
  • Additional resources available On-Demand
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Linux or Windows Operating system
  • MySQL, PostgresSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, or Oracle Database
  • Appache or Nginx Web Server
  • cPanel or Parallels Control Panel


High Availability

Sophisticated monitoring systems check for hardware faults in the secure infrastructure and automatically recover your secure cloud server virtual instance to properly functioning physical hardware. Normal operation and access to your product and all related services are resumed on the healthy hardware while the faulty hardware is repaired or replaced. This is all done automatically without human intervention.

High Availability is a basic an easily obtained, but often overlooked provision of business continuity. This feature placesyour product on the path to easy and timely recovery from unforeseen hardware failures.

DNS Active Failover

In the unlikely event there is a physical disruption to the hosting infrastructure (such as a communications failure), Active Failover goes to work automatically routing internet traffic to available hosting resources at a remote physical location which have been pre-configured via rule sets, ensuring a seamless experience for end users.

Backed by sophisticated HTTP, HTTPs, SMTP or ICMP/Ping monitoring, Active Failover detects infrastructure failures faster than any other system can.

High Availability, Active Failover and a frequent replication schedule are a welcome addition to any Business Continuity Plan.


In addition to meeting (and exceeding) the regulatory mandates of HIPAA and PCI DSS, our secure cloud infrastructure was purposefully built to uphold data sovereignty requirements for the PATRIOT Act and EU Data Protection directive.


Validated compliant as a Level 1 Service Provider (highest level) by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Hipaa via Hitrust

Certified against the Common Security Framework (CSF) from the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) to address HIPAA compliance.


We deliver a highly secure cloud infrastructure that customers rely upon. There are 6 layers of security protecting websites and applications hosted in NEXGEN's secure cloud infrastructure. The 6 layers are:

Physical Security

We utilize a Tier IV data center designed with superior physical security in mind to prevent unauthorized access. Physical security measures include:

  • Segregated cages
  • Dedicated drops
  • Multi-factor biometric access
  • Detailed access audit trails
  • Security monitoring 24x7x365

Perimeter Security

IP Reputation filtering and DoS/DDos mitigation block malicious activity at the network perimeter preventing suspicious and malicious traffic from ever entering our secure cloud infrastructure. These security measures add protection and increase performance by eliminating unwanted traffic to our server(s).

Network Security

Intrusion detection/prevention, unlimited isolated security zones, and private network segmentation for the network layer is crucial to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, or modification of network-accessible resources. The products environment will be isolated and secured at the network level.

Server Security

The server is the layer of defense closest to the application. Ensuring attack vectors are limited and points of entry are hardened is extremely important in solidifying an overall security posture and keeping important data safe. Our servers are hardened to exceed most compliance mandates which include:

  • Hardened operating systems
  • Managed OS patches and updates
  • Hardened VMware hypervisor
  • Unnecessary services disabled
  • Password security policies
  • Malware protection
  • Resource availability monitoring
  • Network event logging

Application Security

In addition to traditional web application firewalls and policies for common attacks, your system will benefit from the following application level security precautionary measures:

  • Web application firewalls (ports 80 and 443)
  • Intelligent WAF policies for common attacks
  • Application specific and custom WAF policies
  • HTTP DoS application attack mitigation
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Domain SSL Certificates

Administrative Security

A secure VPN with SSL connection allows us to control the server(s) remotely through a secure access point by providing a fast, reliable, encrypted tunnel through which secure access may be established. Once a remote user's computer is connected via SSL VPN, it becomes an extension of the hosting environment. Some features include:

  • Full port lockdown on all servers (besides 80/443 for web servers)
  • Administration of the hosting environment with confidence while using untrusted networks
  • Granular access permissions for each user, ensuring only need-to-have access
  • Log a "paper trail" of all activities and IPs for connected users
  • Mobile access