Websites, Web Apps, and Portals

We pride ourselves on the professional, well thought out, designs we offer our customers. Whether it's a basic brochure style website, a mobile app, a web application to automatean internal process, a new social media platform, or a complex transaction processing web portal that provides access to data maintained in multiple legacy systems, our approach will ensure you will benefit from


Professional Look

Using the latest design tools, we will create mock-ups and wireframes of the interface components for approval to ensure that your product is perceived as your brand intends. Our designs are pleasing to the eye, intuitive for the user, make good use of screen real estate, and will comply with any required guidelines and standards identified during the requirements analysis phase of the project.

Regardless of the products complexity, interfaces should be simple, intuitive, and appealing. To that end you can expect user-friendly, data driven interfaces and task oriented workflows that comply with accessibility standards.


Comprehensive Functionality

Front-end Functionality
Our design experts will re-create or re-engineer your business processes and render them online as dynamic forms, automated workflows, recurring notifications, on-demand business analytics and rule based agents. By using a component or module driven design approach we can easily add new features and functionality cost effectively as market demands and business requirements change.

Back-end Administration
Whether it's a basic website or a complex transaction processing system, success on the front-end relies heavily on activities managed from the back-end. Depending on your needs, we can integrate popular back-office management tools, include proprietary NEXGEN tools, or develop custom new interfaces for managing information and content collected or displayed on the front end. The back-end management system usually involves the following areas.

  • Content Management
  • Document Management
  • User Management
  • Operations Management
  • Message Management
  • Analytics

Security Measures built in from the ground up


These days, security is not something you bolt on as an after-thought. We build security into our applications from the ground up. Then we enhance that security with 5 more layers of security offered as part of our Secure Cloud Hosting environment. It is very important to us. At the application level, we build systems that utilize:

  • HTTPS, FTPS, and SSL
  • Email address as username
  • Password encryption
  • "Forgot password" functionality
  • Access Control Lists
  • Role based privileges
  • Self-service profile management
  • Audit trails and Activity Logging
  • Change Management