High Availability

Sophisticated monitoring systems check for hardware faults in the secure infrastructure and automatically recover your secure cloud server virtual instance to properly functioning physical hardware. Normal operation and access to your product and all related services are resumed on the healthy hardware while the faulty hardware is repaired or replaced. This is all done automatically without human intervention.

High Availability is a basic an easily obtained, but often overlooked provision of business continuity. This feature places your product on the path to easy and timely recovery from unforeseen hardware failures.

DNS Active Failover

In the unlikely event there is a physical disruption to the hosting infrastructure (such as a communications failure), Active Failover goes to work automatically routing internet traffic to available hosting resources at a remote physical location which have been pre-configured via rule sets, ensuring a seamless experience for end users.

Backed by sophisticated HTTP, HTTPs, SMTP or ICMP/Ping monitoring, Active Failover detects infrastructure failures faster than any other system can.

High Availability, Active Failover and a frequent replication schedule are a welcome addition to any Business Continuity Plan.