The content on your web portal must always be fresh and the features in your application must always be growing and changing with market demands, or it will lose its relevance to your customer.

At NEXGEN we believe It's harder to secure a new customer than it is to keep an existing one, therefore we offer options for the continuous improvement of your product over time. For a website that might be as simple as posting notices of news and events or making changes to content on a weekly or monthly basis. For a portal that might mean adding new features or changing existing ones every three to six months based on internal or external customer feedback and the results internal monitoring.

We provide our customer (and their customers where appropriate) with access to online tools for making enhancement requests and suggestions, rating content, reporting issues, and otherwise contributing to the evolution of the product. In addition, our engineers monitor performance and analytics and submit recommendations based on their findings and research. Then during regularly scheduled calibration meetings we will present the customer with all of the feedback and together with the customer will prioritize the feedback and decide which items will be addressed in the next release.