Onces your new product has been delivered and accepted, a maintenance plan is critical. When your application is inaccessible or down, your business is at risk of missing opportunities and/or losing money. As device manufacturers release new versions of their operating systems, your new product may start generating error messages and fail to work properly because the underlying operating system is no longer 100% compatible with the code your product was written in.

For example, your customer's mobile phone operator distributes a major new version of their operating system every 12-18 months, and they have many updates in between. Changes need to be made to your mobile app so that it continues to operate based on the changes made to the underlying operating system because once your mobile app users have a frustrated or bad experience with your app, they might leave and never return.

We offer maintenance plans to ensure that as the underlying operating systems and related third party products are changed by their manufacturers, your new product can be updated accordingly.